​Psycho-graphics, business and finance homework help

Psycho-graphics is an area of market research concerned with measures of consumer activities, interests, and opinions (AIO). Utilize AIO measures to create a psycho-graphic profile for a product of your choice.

Complete the following:

  • Select a product that is readily available and describe what it is and how it is used by consumers.
  • Using the concept of AIO measures (determining how well a particular consumer fits AIO statements), create a psychographic profile for a typical consumer of the chosen product. Note that the profile you outline may be one of many different profiles that are appropriate for the product.
  • Identify at least two probable items within each of the areas (activity, interest, and opinion) for the profile that you create. As an example, an activity might be “I frequently listen to country music”; an interest might be “I am interested in the latest consumer electronics”; and an opinion might be “International travel is educational for my children.”

Use proper APA style and formatting. The paper should determine its 3-5 pages in length.