​The Connection: Juveniles, Gangs, and Drugs, law homework help

Review the document titled “The Youth Gangs, Drugs, and Violence Connection”, located here. You can also view the article at here. Next, select at least two (2) major correlations between the gangs, drugs, and violence discussed in the article.

Recommend at least two (2) interventions that authorities (e.g., municipality, school, police, and juvenile court, etc.) could take to intervene in the connections that you selected in Part 1 of this discussion. Justify your response.


Youth gangs, Drugs and violent crimes are related in the sense that they work hand in hand. In other words, the three are linked and they therefore influenced in the same way (James & Scott, 1999). When someone abuses drugs, the pharmacological effect of the drug tends to alter the functioning of his or her mind, consequently resulting into violence. Secondly, the high cost of drugs tends to inflict the users into committing crime, thus being able to afford the drugs. Thirdly, violence is a common thing among drug barons, since they must use violence in order to win new territories and grow their market share (James & Scott, 1999).

Youths who tend to abuse drugs, therefore easily fall into youth gangs, in order to be able to earn money, hence being able to buy more drugs (James & Scott, 1999). On the other hand, drug barons tend to form drug empires, whereby they use violence in order to be able to take over new markets in other empires. Violence, drugs and gangs are therefore and they cannot be easily separate.

In order for such atrocities to be dealt with accordingly, the juvenile court should come up with very strict laws, which will be responsible for discouraging the youths from joining such gangs. In addition, the police should also launch a crackdown against drug empires, and make sure that they are done away with (James & Scott, 1999). Juvenile courts should not only impose harsh jail terms on gang members, but it should also look for proper ways through which youths can be corrected while in prison, and allowed to change their behavior. The police should work closely with the public, in order to get a lot of information concerning drug empires, hence reducing drug abuse which is the mother of all crimes (James & Scott, 1999).


James, C. H., & Scott, H. D. (1999). The Youth Gangs, Drugs, and Violence Connection: juvenile Justice Bulletin.