2 HR questions

Please respond to all questions, one question at a time.

Please use the 2 chapter readings attached as sources, and cite them properly. Please make sure the business writing used for Question #1is NOT from another university. No plagiarism – I will check!!

Due tomorrow by 5pm!

Question #1:

Conduct a brief internet search and locate a piece of business writing. Be sure to provide a link to the page for us. Develop and share your in-depth analysis of the writing using 8 of the concepts discussed in chapter 4 of the text. The chapter reading is attached.

8 of the concepts are:

Table 4.1 Eight Essential Elements of Communication

Element of Communication Definition Oral Application Written Application
1. Source A source creates and communicates a message. Jay makes a telephone call to Heather. Jay writes an e-mail to Heather.
2. Receiver A receiver receives the message from the source. Heather listens to Jay. Heather reads Jay’s e-mail.
3. Message The message is the stimulus or meaning produced by the source for the receiver. Jay asks Heather to participate in a conference call at 3:15. Jay’s e-mail asks Heather to participate in a conference call at 3:15.
4. Channel A channel is the way a message travels between source and receiver. The channel is the telephone. The channel is e-mail.
5. Feedback Feedback is the message the receiver sends in response to the source. Heather says yes. Heather replies with an e-mail saying yes.
6. Environment The environment is the physical atmosphere where the communication occurs. Heather is traveling by train on a business trip when she receives Jay’s phone call. Heather is at her desk when she receives Jay’s e-mail.
7. Context The context involves the psychological expectations of the source and receiver. Heather expects Jay to send an e-mail with the call-in information for the call. Jay expects to do so, and does. Heather expects Jay to dial and connect the call. Jay expects Heather to check her e-mail for the call-in information so that she can join the call.
8. Interference Also known as noise, interference is anything that blocks or distorts the communication process. Heather calls in at 3:15, but she has missed the call because she forgot that she is in a different time zone from Jay. Heather waits for a phone call from Jay at 3:15, but he doesn’t call.

Question #2:

As you read chapter 6 of your text, reflect on your own writing skills. How did you learn how to write? In your response, briefly describe your writing strengths and weaknesses and then describe the steps you plan to take to bolster your strengths and turn around your weaknesses. Please reading chapter 6 that is attached.

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