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I need a 2 page paper on “why i want to be an army warrant officer”. I can send you my resume so you can see my military work history. also i mention some details as wellI want to be a warrant because I like doing food inspection and as a warrant it takes food inspection to another level as food safety officer. I have worked with Warrants in my field and I see them as the experts that’s always available to answer any questions about food inspection.  I want to be that expert that soldiers come to when they need answers about our mos. Ive been on different missions around the world and when I need support or visual aids for presentations my unit warrant was always there to supply what I needed. I want to support soldiers the way my warrants supported me throughout my career. I like to go out and assist with audits on different companies that supply food to the military. I have a lot of the training as a food inspector that would aid me as a warrant.  the warrant position I am applying for is 640A- Food Safety Officer.640A – Veterinary Services Food Safety OfficerDuties:The Veterinary Corps Food Safety warrant officer is a highly specialized officer in the area of food safety and defense. The warrant officer is selected by competitive application from the NCO ranks of designated Army feeder MOS’s. Currently only Army NCO’s SGT(P) and higher who hold the 68R and 68S MOS are eligible to apply. More detailed and updated information is included in annual MILPER Message which is normally released in January-February of the recruiting year. Upon selection, warrant officer candidates are sent to the Warrant Officer Candidate School (WOCS) at Fort Rucker, Alabama. Following completion of this course they will go through an intensive food inspection/science course at Fort Sam Houston, Texas (WOBC). Typically an active component 640A Warrant Officer’s first duty station is at an Army MEDCOM, PUBLIC HEALTH COMMAND District where they conduct commercial sanitation audits and manage area food safety, defense and quality assurance programs. Reserve Component Veterinary Food Safety Officers are typically assigned to MTOE Veterinary Detachments or as staff officers in MTOE Medical Brigades or Groups. 640A Veterinary Food Safety Officers serve as the Commander’s subject matter expert for all matters dealing with food safety and defenseInstructions:O. LETTER OF MOTIVATION AND INTENT: APPLICANT WILL PERSONALLY PREPARE A SINGLE PAGE, HAND-WRITTEN LETTER, DATED AND SIGNED, TO EXPLAIN HIS/HER MOTIVATION FOR SEEKING VETERINARY CORPS FOOD SAFETY OFFICER TRAINING. THIS LETTER SHOULD REFLECT APPLICANT’S EXPECTATIONS UPON COMPLETION OF TRAINING AND BEING APPOINTED AS A WARRANT OFFICER. APPLICANT NEEDS TO REFLECT HOW THEIR TALENTS AND EXPERIENCES WILL STRENGTHEN THE VETERINARY COPRS.