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Consider the following situations in light of your readings this week. Would any of these behaviors be rightly considered “abnormal?” Read through each and post your thoughts on at least two of the scenarios below, ideally choosing DIFFERENT scenarios than your classmates. What additional information would help make a case as to whether the behavior(s) should be considered “abnormal?” Under what conditions might some of these behaviors be considered “normal?” Are there instances where cultural differences might have an important role in your decision?1. Your brother consumes a six pack of beer per day; he sometimes misses class or goes in late to work on Monday mornings.2. One of your graduate school classmates spends 15 or more hours per day conducting experiments or doing library reading and records observations on color-coded index cards.3. A woman at your job has vague physical complaints and sees 2-3 doctors a month.4. Your neighbor sweeps, washes, and scrubs his driveway daily.5. Your cousin is pregnant and is dieting (1400 calories per day) so that she will not get “too fat” with the pregnancy.6. A man’s wife died within the last three months.  The widower appears to talk to himself in the yard, wears the same clothes each day, and has lost some weight.7. A Secret Service agent steps in front of the President of the United States, prepared to be killed or injured if the President’s safety is threatened.