A Close Reading of Tintern Abbey

In three full pages, provide a close reading of four to five lines from Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Tinturn Abbey by Wordsworth that demonstrates an exploration of one of the following themes:

  1. Revolution
  2. What it means to be an American
  3. The significance of Nature in Romanticism
  4. Faith
  5. Naturalism
  6. The emergence of the importance of the Individual

Make a clearly argumentative claim about the passage you have chosen; this claim will be your thesis. Back up your claim with analysis of details of the passage and at least one comparison between the British and American view of the theme associated with your passage.

Include textual evidence from the selected work to support your rationale. The close
reading should provide clear discussion of how the literary elements (imagery, narrative voice, metaphor/simile, symbol, etc.) address the theme, and then clear analysis of the passage’s significance. Provide an effective introduction that introduces the literary work and its author, as well as a clear thesis that is fully supported by the rest of your paper.

This paper is not a research paper and should not rely on outside sources.