A Framework For Explaining Autism Chapter 6 Discussion

Chapter 6 establishes a framework for thinking about causal explanations of autism which will be addressed throughout Unit 2. In addition, this chapter emphasizes the importance of understanding the various causes of autism along with maintaining a critical approach to the explanatory theories.

Figures 6.2a and 6.2b give examples of causal links between facets of ASD-related behavior that come under the descriptions of “many-to-one” and “one-to-many.” For this discussion assignment, you are to first – generate and describe some additional specific examples of these causal links in ASD to which the descriptions might apply. You may wish to visit the following websites:




And then, in your own words and using examples, explain what the following terms mean when used in discussion of the causes of medical, mental health or neurodevelopmental conditions: a)necessary b)sufficient c)necessary and sufficient d)primacy e)specificty and f)universality.