A sample resume, cover letter, and thank you letter, assignment help

In addition to considering the interview process, it is important for an aspiring paralegal to begin drafting a key document that will summarize qualifications such as educational background, work experience, skills, and other information pertinent to the job, known as the résumé. You will update this document throughout your working career, but it is important for you to begin becoming comfortable with creating such a document. You will be providing a résumé in response to most job applications and the résumé will likely determine if you will be invited for an interview.

This first portfolio assignment is for you to create a professional résumé, cover letter, and a thank you letter for a hypothetical paralegal position at a law firm.

A sample résumé for an entry-level candidate is provided in this week’s reading assignment textbook and you can locate numerous articles about resume preparation in an online search.

Education and work experience are the key qualifications employers are seeking, so be up front in detail about those. Computer skills, interests, hobbies, and other personal strengths can also be highlighted. As you prepare the résumé, consider how it will look and read to a prospective employer.

For the cover letter, realize that a résumé should always be sent with a cover letter. The cover letter provides you with an opportunity to show some distinctive qualities you can offer employer.

Finally, write a brief thank you or follow-up letter for a hypothetical job interview to show appreciation for the interview.

Your résumé will be part of the growing portfolio you are creating

for this class. Assignment should be 3 pages in length. (The résumé,

cover letter, and thank you letter will each be one page long).

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