A team Final paper from Management class. A company analysis of Facebook.

This is a team 20-page paper for Management class (MHR 301). If you are interested in taking this assignment please be well versed on the subject of Management. You are NOT required to write 20 pages as this is a team project. I am responsible for 3 parts of this paper. 1) Competitive environmental (MICRO) analysis 2) Strategic management 3) Contemporary issues. The paper is on the company Facebook and i have attached a zip folder (facebookarticles.zip) with some articles and I will provide some links but you can also find some sources on your own if needed. The details for the whole team assignment are in (Final Team Assignment.doc). The 3rd file (MHRTeamProject-Draft.com) contains the 3 sections im assigned to and a brief explanation of what is needed in each one & I have written detailed notes in this file on the 3 topics for you to view if needed. Please use many citations because this teacher loves citations. This assignment needs to be done by Monday 3/13/17. Thanks!