Week 2 Assignment Scenario Candy’s Candy Company is a small organization dedicated to making a variety of sweets for a regional market. You have just been promoted to a position as manager of the production department at Candy’s Candy Company when your supervisor shows you the following report. She tells you to “get it fixed.” You suspect she is alluding to a problem with productivity and efficiency. Candy’s Candy Company Performance Report For month ending June 20xx Budget Actual Variance Favorable or Unfavorable Production in bags of candy 10,000 12,000 2,000 F Costs: Indirect Labor $ 25,500 $ 30,600 $ 5,100 U Supplies $ 25,000 $ 29,750 $ 4,750 U Utilities $ 19,000 $ 22,000 $ 3,000 U Total $ 69,500 $ 82,350 $ 12,850 U

The Assignment:

  • Part 1: Prepare a performance report using spreadsheet software, such as Excel. Hint: Read the Weekly Briefing and watch the Performance Report video on this topic.
  • Part 2: For the next section of this Assignment, please utilize a word processing software (such as Word) to complete the following:     
    • Write a short memo to your supervisor explaining your findings and your recommendations.
    • In your memo, as part of your recommendations, take a position on the following: Do all the variances in this example need to be examined? Why or why not?