Accounting Ethics Analysis, homework help


  • Following the introduction.
  • It’s not a research paper, do not cite items, do not use extra research, just use your words to analysis.
  • The length is about 2.5 pages to 3 pages, no more than 3 pages.
  • Do not copy or plagiarize from the internet, the essay will be submitting on Turnitin website.
  • No grammar errors.

This essay is due on Next Monday, 3/29/2017, 10:00 in the morning.


Using utilitarianism and deontology (to analysis),

  • Summarize each ethical theory
  • State the ethical dilemma found in this case (who will happy, who will not happy)
  • Use both ethical theories and apply each theory to the ethical dilemma indicated above – balancing apple’s responsibilities to the U.S. government to Apple’s responsibilities to its customers, employees and shareholders
  • State the outcome of each theory and the practical action that apple would have taken to implement in each outcome
  • State the influence on shareholders and customers.