Accounting Statements Class Problem, homework help

Finance 4310 Accounting Statements Class Problem
The following table lists selected balance sheet and income statement accounts for firm X:
Account                                        Balance
Sales                                              $1,640
Total Assets                                    $1,500
Inventory                                          $180
Interest Expense                             $70
Long Term Debt                               $800
Depreciation                                     $130
Dividend Payout Ratio                      25%
Cost of Goods Sold                         $485
Net Fixed Assets                            $1,100
Current Liabilities                             $250
Cash Operating Expenses              $525
Taxes                                               $150
New Shares Sold                              $40
a. What is firm X’s net income for the period
b. What is the net cash flow to equity for the period
c. What is the net working capital?
d. What is the common size statement percentage for inventory?

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