Accounting to the MENU and answer the question

Menu Selection: 1 page

  • Choose and have approved a 5 – 7 course menu (the dish is midterranean cuisine)
  • Research your history of your menu items
      • History of the cuisine
      • Style of service (it is american style)
      • Describe how this menu fits into the Statler Dining Room concept
        • Assume that Statler is a dining room inside a major downtown hotel

Marketing Plan: 1 page

  • Explain in detail how you plan to market the Statler Dining Room to your guest
  • How do you plan to
  • How do you plan to get guests to come to your meal?
  • Develop an invitation for your guests that includes the following information:
    § Where, when, how long, RSVP information
    § The marketing materials MUST include a dress code: business casual ONLY