Accumulating five No’s as reactions to your requests

Your task is to request responses from others with the goal of accumulating five No’s as reactions to your requests.You can ask for favors, discounts and other special purchasing terms, compensation, loans, or almost anything you might want.Please follow these rules:

  • The person you ask must be able to grant your request.They must have the authority to do what you are asking.
  • You must work alone and not collaborate with other students.
  • You can ask each person only once: if you get a No from someone, then you should not approach that same person for additional requests.
  • You should make enough requests to receive a minimum of five No’s.Find different things to ask for rather than asking for the same thing over again from different people.
  • You should not – ever – tell them it is a class exercise.To them, this should be, and remain, real.
  • You should ask for things of some value (not necessarily monetary).I will look for the imagination, variety, risk, courage, and ingenuity you employ.These asks should create some degree of discomfort.

You should record your requests in a table that indicates 1) whom you asked, 2) what you asked for, 3) their response, and 4) your reaction.

Your goal is to receive five No’s – but please list all of your requests, including those that led to Yes.

with the table and a 3- or 4-page narrative that reflects on what was hard for you about this exercise, what you learned, and how this exercise influenced your outlook for future negotiations.