Acedemic paper

Academic Paper 1Begin by reading my notes of Writing Academic Papers and follow them very closely Based on your textbook and class lectures write a 1500 – 2000 words Academic Paper:Part A What is Psychology? Why is Psychology important? Write a brief history of Psychology.Part B Choose ONE of the psychological theories and the founder from (Part A) your brief history of Psychology and write 5 relevant significance of this theory in today’s world.Submit this as ONE paper Grading Rubrics Make sure you follow my notes on Writing Academic Papers Use this Grading Rubrics as the outline for your paper and use sub-headings for each section. Part A Creative title (3)What is Psychology? (7)Explain 5 reasons for the importance of studying Psychology (15)Write a brief history of Psychology. (40)(Make sure you follow you’re the textbook and the class handout)Part B Creative Title (2)Introduction (5)Develop 5 reason for the relevance of this schools in today’s world (20)Conclusion (8)IT WILL BE VERY HELPFUL TO PRINT THIS PAGE AND READ IT WHILE YOU WRITE YOUR ACADEMIC PAPERS Begin by reading what is actually required in the assignment and the grading rubrics. The Grading Rubrics is the outline for your paper. Use sub-titles for the various sections of the assignment. Pay attention to how many grade points for the section and write accordingly.Use a creative title that reflects your paper (VERY IMPORTANT)Write a good introduction and a good conclusionHave a logical development of your arguments and statements. If possible back them up with scholarly sourcesCite your sources at the end of the paper. (Sources like Wikipedia are not academic sources)Avoid using the first (I, We) and second person (You) as far as possible, abbreviations and incomplete sentences and sentences like, “According to the textbook/article…” Write what you want to say and then cite the textbook or article. MICROSOFT WORD highlights spellings and grammar mistakes. Check these highlights before you submit your papers. Sometimes WORD is not always right, for example, it will suggest Victor for Viktor Frankl. Viktor is the correct spelling. Note some of the other common mistakes like, ones and one’s.Please be careful about plagiarism.Use the APA Style in your academic work. Here is a helpful link: sure you have a cover page and do not write an abstract for your papers in this class.Submit your paper as an attachment on CANVAS written ONLY in MICROSOFT WORD