ACG4401 M5 SAM Project 1A Forge & Polish Jewelry

1.Maureen Meek is doing an internship with Forge and Polish Jewelry. One of her assignments is to format the product sales records from 2018 to 2020 to make it easier to analyze.

Switch to the Bracelet worksheet. Unfreeze the top row of the worksheet.

2.Sort the data in the BraceletSales table first in ascending order by the Material field and then in the ascending order by the Embellishment field.

3.Insert a Total Row in the BraceletSales table, and then use the Total Row to calculate the total of the values in both the 2018 and 2019 fields. (Hint: The Total Row should automatically total the values in the 2020 field.)

4.Maureen decides to create a PivotTable to allow her to better manipulate and filter the BraceletSales table data.

Create a PivotTable based on the BraceletSales table in a new worksheet using Bracelet PivotTable as the worksheet name. Update the PivotTable as described below so that it matches Final Figure 1: