ACG4401 UNF Sp’19 Sanchez Corp. Payroll System Assignment




NOTE: Entities are presented in bold text initially simply to call your attention to the various entities involved in the process.


Each Friday morning, Employees access their electronic time cards via their desktop computers and the Employee Master file. Employees then enter their time worked for the week and digitally sign the cards (use Keyboard symbol for both of these activities) with the information being stored in the Employee Master file (for both activities). Employees save the time card data in the Employee Transaction file and email the time cards to their Department Supervisor before they leave work. The Department Supervisor receives/access the employees’ electronic time cards on her mobile device. She saves the time cards on the Supervisor Employee Transaction file.

While accessing the Supervisor Employee Transaction file, the Department Supervisor wirelessly (air prints) prints the time cards. She then reviews the time cards for accuracy and completeness. Assuming 100% accuracy (you are to assume this), the Department Supervisor signs the time cards at the bottom. The Department Supervisor takes all the time cards to the Payroll Clerk on Friday night by 6:00 pm.

On Friday evening, the Payroll Clerk reviews the time cards to make sure the cards have the authorized Department Supervisor signature. Any time cards that have not been signed are returned to the Department Supervisor by 7:00 pm (use decision or annotation symbols). The Payroll Clerk delivers the signed time cards to the Information Processing Clerk by 8:00 am Monday morning. The Information Processing Clerk reviews the signed time cards and then records their data in an online Payroll Transaction file. Finally, the Information Processing Clerk stores all time cards in the Employee Time Card filing cabinet by last name.