Action Research-​Misusege of Chromebooks​ in schools, management homework help

Misusege of Chromebooks in charter schools. (for example student playing game in class)

totaly must be 5 pages

Iteration 1

In iteration 1, you anticipate (a) two or three information gathering (brainstorming) sessions with representatives from three, different companies with each session last a maximum of two hours; (b) performing a gap analysis between your current knowledge level and the senior DBA position; and (c) researching the DBA knowledge and skill progression. In addition, the iteration will include compiling, analyzing, and reporting the results of each step. At this point you can go into a little more detail but not too much…keep this statement to one or two paragraphs.


The plan section, as a minimum, is one page long, must describe all YOUR planned activities needed to accomplish your first iteration, and must represent approximately two weeks, or a minimum of 40 hours, of activity. THE PLAN HAS TO BE WRITTEN BEFORE ANY ACTION TAKES PLACE!!!

The plan must include:

  • Description of each anticipated task for the iteration
  • Description of the resources needed to accomplish each task
  • Identification of people involved in each task
  • The anticipated duration of each task
  • The expected result or results from each task

Answering all the typical questions of Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How for each task in the plan will provide a good foundation for an effective plan. For example, you are planning meetings; who should be invited and why, what topic(s) will be discussed, what is the purpose of the meeting or what do you intend to achieve, where is the meeting’s location, when is the meeting, and why is this meeting important. Moreover, what are the expected results from the meeting and how do you intend on achieving the results.

If you develop an agenda for the meeting, either the agenda or the contents of the agenda would normally be included as part of the plan.


The action section, as the minimum, is one page long and must represent approximately two weeks, or a minimum of 40 hours, of activity.

This section must describe the activities that actually took place during the iteration, but most importantly, the section must describe YOUR actions/activities during the iteration. For example, your actions included a brainstorming session; who attended (and who did not), was the agenda followed, were there additional items for discussion added, or did the agenda take the meeting in a different direction and what was the duration of the meeting. In some instances, this may be very similar to the meeting minutes.

Contact reporting.

Any action(s) involving personal communications (e.g., an informal meeting, a hallway discussion or conversation, a telephone call, text message, etc.) used as part of your research requires documentation of the participants. This means you must provide the first and last name, email address, phone number, address, and the employer’s name of each person involved in the personal communication. See Appendix A for the contact reporting form. Failure to disclose any or all the contact information may result in your inability to use the personal communication as part of your action research.


This section, as the minimum, is one page long and must represent approximately two weeks, or a minimum of 40 hours, of activity

Observations must include the analysis and outcomes or results of all actions/activities in the iteration with a focus on the analysis and outcomes or results from YOUR actions/activities. For example, your brainstorming session included documenting the information presented by each participant (the action). The observation or outcome from this action would be providing a list of all the brainstorming results or latent feedback from each participant. Additionally, you should include any analysis that would occur because of the brainstorming.


The reflection section, as a minimum, is one page long and must represent approximately two weeks, or a minimum of 40 hours, of activity.

This section is the most important section of your action research paper. The iteration’s reflection section must:

  • Examine what went well
  • Examine what did not go well
  • Explain what actions/processes could be improved
  • Provide a self-critique yourself as well as the processes you are applying
  • Provide a critique of processes you applied during the iteration
  • Identify any restrictions, limitations, and risks associated with the iteration and task accomplishment
    • For example, if one of the key participant was not available to attend the brainstorming session, you may want to think about how you will meet and gather information from that person (especially if the information is important to the process)