Adam’s rib Film Analysis

DiBattista states, “Dames…tend to ignore, when they do not openly mock, traditional notions of respectable femininity” (9). Apply the quote to the character of Amanda in the film, Adam’s Rib. You DO NOT need to write an introduction and conclusion.

Just apply the quote in four paragraphs. Follow the guidelines below:

Your answer should include:

• 2 fast-talking dame characteristics;

• 2 specific scene examples;

• explanation of how each scene illustrates the quote.

• You may use the character Doris as a point of comparison.


(A+)100 = Synthesis and analysis: Shows thoughtfulness and independent thinking by developing response beyond lecture, readings, discussion.; Two specific and relevant examples are cited; Explanations that support the answer are thoughtful and articulate in 4 paragraphs.

You have to know the character in the movie Adam’s Rib

it has to be 600 words

four paragrafhs