APA FORMAT. DOCTORATE LEVEL, Please use at least Include at least five scholarly sources. NEED DONE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. 500 WORDS MINIMUM

Please review attachment to complete this assignment. PLEASE USE SCHOLARLY SOURCES FOR THIS DISCUSSIONFor this Discussion, review the case study of “Marvin” in the Learning Resources. Objectively, consider the client’s cultural identity and how this might contribute to diagnosis. If you were working with Marvin, how might your personal biases play a role in his diagnosis? Consider ways you might mitigate, or reduce, the appearance of personal biases in diagnosis.an explanation of how the client’s culture, gender, developmental, or lifespan background may contribute toward personal biases and diagnosis. Then explain how your personal biases might influence the client’s diagnosis. Finally, explain three ways you, as a future professional in the field, might mitigate or reduce the appearance of biases in diagnosis.