During this semester, you worked through a series of 15 modules which addressed the following competencies:Identify orally and in writing educational goals of an early childhood program.Discuss orally and in writing how an early childhood center can contribute to a young child’s growth and development.Identify orally and in writing developmentally appropriate practices that guide children’s behavior.Write an activity plan that includes outcomes, materials, procedures, and an evaluation following the DOE guidelines for preschool learning experiences.Define orally and in writing age-appropriate activities in all curriculum areas.Discuss orally and in writing adaptations for special needs children in an early childhood center.Describe orally and in writing through observations ways to assess children.Demonstrate orally and in writing knowledge of philosophies of early childhood education.Describe orally and in writing the importance of parents and teachers as partners in educating young children.Demonstrate orally and in writing knowledge of the history of early childhood education.Demonstrate orally and in writing knowledge of the DOE early learning program standards.Complete a 20-hour pre-practicum field-based¬†experience in an early childhood center.Write a two- page (double spaced) summary that includesat least four major conceptsthat were the most meaningful to you. Be sure to cite after any facts and include necessary references at the end of the summary. (50 points)Following the summary, discuss how you will use this information in your current or future work with children. (30 points) 1-2 thoughtful paragraphsReference and citing: 10 pointsWriting composition: 10 points