Module 04 Written Assignment – Case Study Analysis: Domestic Violence and Family

Case Study:Watch this video.Power and Control: Domestic Violence in AmericaThis video documents the story of Kim Mosher, a Duluth, MN mother of three and victim of domestic violence. It gives a real-life examination of the impact domestic violence can have within a family.Instructions:In a 1-2 page Microsoft Word document, include the following:Describe Kim Mosher’s family and their situation.The video discusses two underlying factors related to the cause of domestic violence: patriarchal values of our culture and individual socioeconomic and/or psychological factors. Explain each factor, giving specific examples to detail your explanation. Which cause applies to the case of Josh and Kim Mosher? Explain your answer.How has domestic violence affected each member of the Mosher family? What long-term effects might Kim see in herself and in her children?Describe the pattern of abusive behavior that Josh cycles through with Kim.Which theory of behavior would you use to best analyze the Mosher case of domestic violence? Why?Which theory of behavior would you use to best analyze Kim’s behavior and decision at the end of the video? Why?As a Human Services professional, how can you help Kim once she has left the shelter and found a place to live? Give specific resources that Kim and her family could utilize as they start over in a new home.