Organizational Psychology – Discussion #5

Apply your skills in reading a journal article and interpret the main findings. To do this, you will need to read the article, identify the key research question, variables, and results. More importantly, what did the study find, and do you find the author’s conclusions to be valid? Generalizable?1.(a) Briefly describe the central research question. In other words, what were the researchers interested in examining? (b) Identify the focal predictor (i.e., predictors). (c) Identify the dependent variables (i.e., outcomes/consequences).2.Were there any moderators or mediators? What were they?3.(a) Briefly describe how each focal variable was measured (hint: there were three). (b) List the control variables, and in one sentence, explain why a researcher would think it’s important to include control variables.4.Briefly summarize what the author found. In other words, was each hypothesis supported (hint: there were two)? Indicate for each hypothesis whether it was supported or not supported. If it was supported, provide a brief statement of the interpretation. (Note: explain your interpretation of the result as if you were describing it to a non-technical audience).5.There were a few limitations in this case. Which limitation mentioned do you think is most important? Why?