ADMIN575 Phoenix Parental Or Community Involvement In School

Develop a 700- to 1,050-word summary and analysis of your assessment of parental or community involvement in your school.

Include the following:

  • The interview or focus group planning process, participants, and questions asked
  • Analysis of issues raised and their implications for a plan to improve parental and community involvement, including encouraging and supporting more diversity

More info

  • Report qualitative and quantitative data related to the results from your interviews or focus groups.
  • Describe three significant concepts from the research regarding aligning strategies and goals.
  • Develop three goals related to increasing parent and community involvement in the school.
  • Develop two or more strategies for achieving each goal to increase parent and community involvement in the school. Consider using existing partnerships (e.g., parent program, business, non-profit organization). Describe how your goals and strategies align.