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Week 5



Discuss: Analyzing a sample report, “Evening Shades”

Must post first.

For this forum, please examine the sample research-based report, “Evening Shades,” and engage in rewriting it (for practice with writing yours).

Answer the following questions in your initial post by Thursday, end of day:

1. Read through the executive summary of the “Evening Shades” report. Please re-write the executive summary using the example from the Victoria Business School from week 3, so that the executive summary is as detailed, organized, and clear as it should be.

2. Look at the sources listed at the end of the “Evening Shades” report. How could the sources be improved upon? You can write one or two sentences in answering this question.

Reply to at least one peer in this forum by Sunday, particularly commenting on their rewrite of the executive summary. Convey to them what they did well and where they could still improve, as well as pose a question to your peer to engage in further discussion.

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