Alabama Law Memo

This assignment is intended to help get you started on researching laws in your states for custody. Please submit a two page memo addressed to your supervising attorney addressing the issues in the following scenario. These questions deal only with your specific state. Please include references for your research. This memo must conform to APA standards. A rubric has been provided below to guide you in this assignment. Good luck!!

Ms. Stearns, your supervising attorney is too busy to research this issue. Mr. and Mrs. Smith are coming in the office in two days for an appointment to discuss their rights as grandparents. Their son, Jim, and his wife are going to get a divorce. The Smiths are assuming that the mother will get custody of the two children, ages 3 and 4. She works as an instructor Monday through Thursday 8 am to 4 pm. She also works on Tuesday and Thursday evening from 7:30 to 9:30 pm. The Smiths have cared for their grandchildren and have done so since the children were born. Jim works a 40-hour week as an engineer.

The Smiths are worried that once the divorce is final, the mother will try to prevent the Smiths from seeing the children. The plan now is that the Smiths continue the status quo and watch the children on a daily basis but they are worried this might change and they want to have their ducks in a row. Attorney Stearns has asked that you research the status of grandparents’ rights in your state. She has heard that a case named Troxel is a big deal in this area but that is all she knows.

Using the internet or state specific material, determine the status of grandparents’ rights in your state after the US Supreme Court decision of Troxel v. Granville. Remember that Troxel may not be the last word on this matter. Prepare a memo to Attorney Stearns citing any changes in your state and/or case law reflecting any changes. MY STATE IS ALABAMA