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My experience with being stereotyped happened the most when I was in college playing baseball. I went to a religious university and the baseball program got completely revamped with a new recruiting class and an entire coaching staff. My first year there was the universities first year of having a new program and the way baseball players were treated by other students was noticeably sour. When I asked around with some people I had become friends with they had shared how bad the reputation of baseball players was at that university. It was an interesting experience that I was able to learn a lot from.
There are always negative effects on intercultural communication if stereotypes are being repeated. Not only does it now show truth in its entirety, it shuts downs constructive communication between individuals. The more that people can communicate their feelings and perceptions about others without being judged or ridiculed helps foster more intelligent conversations. People will be able to understand where others come from and can hopefully find more common ground.
The way that we can improve our understanding of each other and better communicate is to be more acceptable to change. With the advancement of technology people can get many more tasks done in a quicker amount of time which makes for a more interconnected world. With an interconnected world comes more cultures blending together however each culture still wants to stay true to their roots. By communicating more and accepting more change among people, will allow cultures to better understand each other first before arguing why others are not as superior.

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