Alien Life Discussion

Below are six (6) articles about aliens (extraterrestrial life). Please download the article packet using the Word document I have provided for you and read them carefully–perhaps more than one time. Then, annotate the articles by using underlining, bold, highlighting, or other techniques. In addition, you should make sure you are including your own notes on these articles as well. You can use the Insert comment function in Word or you can simply use a different font style, color, etc. to demonstrate the difference between your ideas and the author’s. In the end, remember that you will be writing a comparative rhetorical analysis on two of these articles, so make sure your annotations and notes are looking for things like examples of logos, pathos, ethos; counterarguments/rebuttals, tone, organizational strategies, etc.

Also when done finish the discussion about aliens make sure word is 300-400 words! thank you