aligning talents and organizational culture, business and finance homework help

summary of selection decisions USBancOne (2-3 pages)

– Establish 4-5 differentiation selection criteria for the position (include2-4 bullets that define each criteria)  

 e.g. 1.) Managing change 

  • -creating a cleat strategy
  • -developing specific goals
  • -timelines for implementation of changes

– Rank the candidates (based on the following data that you have on each of them) in terms of relative fit for the job (1=best fit, 3=poorest fit). Include  both a summary rating table AND a paragraph for each candidate that demonstrates how you linked the data on each candidate to the list of 4-5 differentiation selection criteria that you established.

– Develop a communication plan (if you did not select the internal candidate) to retain and keep her motivated.