Analysis the Mini Case

Please write your report as Chris Simpkins’ memo to the NG&GP’s director. The memo should answer the questions in Problem 3-9. You should also attach an Excel file to support Chris’ findings. This project analyzes future cash flows and I expect you to demonstrate your knowledge of sensitivity analysis tools studied in this class, including simulation software like Crystal Ball.

Like every business memo, it should address the problem and recommend solution at the very beginning. Imagine that its reader is a very busy executive, who has to make a decision based on your recommendation. As a busy person, the decision maker probably will read only first couple of paragraphs. What should you tell this person in these paragraphs? What do you actually recommend and why? The remaining part of the memo should provide justification of your recommendations. It should be assertive, convincing and show that you master the topic.

I have attached the completed mini case and the projections from Crystal Ball. I just need it written in a memo for the year 2002.

I know the grading rubric for the group project emphasizes using real world data, but I would like you to use the data given in the textbook for the template calculations, and then use the real-world data in the memo to analyze and support (or reject) the feasibility of the project.


Gas (Crystal Ball).xls 

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