Analyze the Toyota organization and construct a paper that discusses organizational structure, etc.

For this project, you will analyze an organization (Toyota) and construct a paper that discusses organizational structure and control, culture, leadership, human nature and motivation, decision making, overall strategy, and employee goals and objectives. Using research (or interviews if you are using your current company), explore how the structure and culture of a business interacts with the company’s strategy to create the level of success the company enjoys.

Write a paper that is 8-10 pages (suggested length) that discusses your research findings. Analyze the areas below and provide thorough examples with proper citations.

Evaluate the way people interact in an organization and how it contributes to the success or failure of the organization. o Explore the nature of personal interactions between employees. o Consider the causes of work attitudes, the five personality traits, personal values. o How are these interactions connected to organizational success?  Analyze how the development and implementation of the organizational strategy occurs and the effect this has on the output of the organization. o What is the process the company follows? o Do they use P-O-L-C or S.W.O.T? Why do you think that is? o Why do you think a company would use a different strategy development model?  Explore how the strategy is expressed through the culture of the organization and how that helps determine the output of the organization. o How is the company’s strategy reflected in how the organization performs from a human resources standpoint? o Think about organizational structure, change, and culture. o Do you think the strategy is being adequately expressed through organizational culture? Why or why not? o Be sure to give as many examples as you can to support your opinion.  Discuss the organization’s communication style, communication techniques, and decision making. o How do these styles and techniques affect employees? o What are the key components of communication? o Discuss communication barriers, channels of communication, and types of communication the company uses. o Is their style of communication effective? Why or why not?  Critique the leadership and motivational approaches demonstrated in the company o Discuss the leadership and motivational techniques the company uses. If they do not use them, explain why. o What types of traits do their leaders possess? Which style of leadership do they use? Is it effective?

Which motivational model is the company currently using? (e.g. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, ERG theory, two-factor theory) Is it effective? How could they make it more effective?  Evaluate the leadership of individual teams within the organization as to effectiveness and contribution to the organization’s success o What model of team leadership is the company using? o Are the teams traditionally managed, self-managed, or self-directed? o What barriers might be present? o How does this contribute to the company’s success?