Analyze the U.S. energy production today from Trump by data and quantitative analysis

The Executive Order of President Trump, titled “Promoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth”, outlines his policies on energy production, fossil fuels, and climate change. It overturns many energy policies of the previous administrations and implies that these policies hinder the economic growth of the United States.

(40%)Please analyze the U.S. energy production today, using the knowledge you learned in Econ 434 and elsewhere. Is the status quo so bleak that it warrants the “promotion” by the federal government as enlisted in Section 1?

(60%)After assessing the above issue, please answer ONE of the following three questions of your choice.

  • Section 6 aims at reviving and expanding American coal industry. “Buy American, hire American” is a campaign slogan of Trump. Can Section 6, when fully implemented, help creating sufficient number of jobs? Please opine based on your knowledge of coal industry.
  • Section 4 targets at removing the environmental regulations on electric utilities set by the Obama administration. How do these proposed removals impact electricity supplies? Do they help achieving Section 1 (b)? Please analyze.
  • Section 2 calls for review and eliminating “agency actions that burden domestic energy production.” In other words, it calls for further deregulating energy industries. Please analyze the consequences of deregulation of energy industries, based on what you learned in the class and information obtained elsewhere, such as documentary film Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room.

Your essay should be buttressed by data and quantitative analysis.

This a take home exam about energy Economics class needs to complete in 3 hours, use the Essay of Trump and search any data to analyze. And 434 profile is my previous assignment which mention some my ideas, I just need you don’t be discovered by teacher that this exam is not by myself. Because the time is limited and its really important for me. I will pay more and wish you can do best work for me.