Ancient Athens: Granting Political Rights to Metrics and Worthy Slaves

Read the attached then read the following to understand.

For this assignment. I want you to write an essay to argue about these two questions:

1- Should metics and worthy slaves be admitted to and allowed to vote in the Pnyx?

2- Should they be allowed to serve as jurors in the lawcourt?


Te objectives of the essay

you must advance an argument against granting political rights to metics. You’ll need to undertake research on metics in ancient athens to support your argument.

You also need facts to support the argument that real Athenians, born of Athenian parents, are better stewards of the city-state than those who come here to make money.


again take a look at the attached file to see the supplemental texts to support your argument, or you can use any credible source from the internet (web sources only)


lastly, I want a separate document that contains a summary of your essay.