Ancient Israel History Bible Stories Inconsistancy


Below is the instructions and the questions. I can provide you the bible .

Length: 300 words. Keep in mind that you the study questions are the very broad and there is much to say about them. The study questions are intended to guide your reading. Choose something from the your interaction with the readings to address in your written response.

1. As you read through Genesis 6-9 with the aid of Friedman’s article and the interactive tool on the PBS Nova site (, what features have led scholars to identify two distinct flood stories that have been combined? Identify at least two of these features and cite the specific verses. How does this perspective on the development of the text of the Hebrew Bible affect its role in reconstructing the culture and history of ancient Israel?

2. As you read 1 Samuel 16:14–17:58; 2 Samuel 21:19, imagine that these passages form part of a novel. Would that novel make sense? Are there narrative inconsistencies in the text? Why would somebody create a story in this way?