Animal Abuse in America

Writing a Problem Statement

In one or two paragraphs, work on your course project by identifying and outlining the issue that you are aiming to solve in your proposal. Remember that throughout the course you will be preparing documents to support your proposal, and that addressing relevant topics in the problem statement will help guide you moving forward. So, with that in mind, do your best to balance detail and brevity in your approach. Consider your audience and make sure that you display consistent tone and person as you address your reader.

In addition to the questions raised in the online lecture, consider including the following components:

  • What is the problem?
  • When does the problem occur?
  • Who and/or what does it affect?
  • What are the potential solutions for the problem?
  • How can you present the solution(s) in a fair way to your audience, respecting their perspective(s)?

Be sure to include a clear and concise problem statement for the problem you will address. Identify clearly the main idea of the problem and establish its importance.