Annenberg Learning Modules Response What Is Disciplinary Literacy?

Discussion: Response to the Anneberg modules:

In this discussion you will share your insights on disciplinary literacy as it relates to the Annenberg Learning modules in Part 1, Section 1, “What is Disciplinary Literacy?” Please answer the following questions for your initial post:

  • What skills and strategies (literacy practices) do you expect your students to know and be able to use before they begin your course?
  • From your perspective, is the linear model of literacy development portrayed by Chall supported by your observations of students with whom you have worked?
  • What specific difficulties do students encounter when reading and writing in your discipline? How do you address these difficulties?

In addition to answering the above questions in your initial response, reply to the main responses of at least five (5) other students.

Note: If possible at least one person you respond to should teach either in our content level or at the same grade level. Ideally, one response would be to a content area colleague and one to a grade level colleague

Intial Post due asap, student responses due a day later…will extend time limit.