answer any 4

answer 4 of the questions below. Please make use of course materials (textbook, readings, videos, class discussions, podcasts) in answers. It should be between 2 & 4 pages double-spaced.

1) What are some of the difficult “truths” about entrepreneurship and small business ownership that people don’t often talk about?

2) Discuss the benefits/rewards of small business at the societal level. Please share examples. Discuss the benefits/rewards of small business at the personal/individual level. Please share some examples.

3) What are some of the potential competitive advantages of small firms versus corporations and large organizations?

4) What is the role of ethics in a small business? How can a small business owner ensure that their business is operated ethically.

5) Discuss a business where the owner’s legacy is clear and meaningful. Does this matter? Please explain why or why not.

6) What are the three basic strategies that a new venture can choose? (give an example for each one)

7) Have you found a problem worth solving? How do you know its a problem worth solving? Please explain.

8) Discuss a few of the sources of innovative opportunities that a potential small business owner may explore if they want to create a new venture.

9) ______________ is the most interesting small business in Northern Virginia because — use some of our concepts from class in justifying your choice.

10) “Every mineral a rock and every plant a weed,” until a human being puts it to use. This a basic Drucker thought on innovation. Do you agree/disagree? Why?

11)The textbook discusses the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs – which ones really stand out to you? Why? Share some examples.