Answer discussion questions 1 & 2

Answer discussion questions 1 & 2 (NOT the critical thinking questions) 

Question #1-support your choice by either interviewing someone who works in the IS field or with 2 reputable web sources (you do not have to use journal articles for this assignment. Newspaper and other tech websites are sufficient).  Do not forget to cite your sources!

Question #2-Respond to all questions posed in question 2. For the first part of the question: “Which are most relevant to an enterprise IS development project at a school?”  you may choose any 3 of the certifications listed at: and explain why you believe that the certification IS relevant or is NOT relevant to the enterprise-level student information Answer the rest of the questions as well and use sources where applicable. 

  The response for each question should be 1-2 pages.  Be concise and do not cover the information in 4 pages if you can cover it in 2!  Submit one word document following all guidelines here!

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