Answer the Following Discussions

1) case: Nokia

(a) what does strategic renewal mean, in your words?

b) describe one or more of Nokia’s change implementation actions, using Nokia’s home page as an example. http:// .com/us-en/

c) was it successful? explain

2. Discuss the pros  and cons of intel’s leadership development and mentoring approach.

3. what types of behaviors are encouraged by companies who do not  pay overtime to their white-collar workers? what behaviors are encouraged when companies do pay overtime?

4. discuss the impact of diversity on Steinway, both positive and negative. what challenges do you foresee in the company moving forward with respect to diversity?

5. Interviews( e,g, phone, in-person, group, and or panel interviews) are important tools in employee hiring. compare and contrast the purpose, usefulness, and effectiveness of in-person and phone interviews from both the perspective of the job applicant and the organization.