Anthropometric and body composition lab QAs

Questions: Please write your answers underneath the questions in sentence/paragraph form (no bullet points). These answers should be in YOUR OWN words. Do not copy the answers from other laboratory students.1. Explain the importance of BMI and waist/hip ratio measurements? What are the health risks associated with these measurements?2. What are the potential sources of error for skinfold measurements?3. What is the body composition classification based on your calculations from the Siri and Population-Specific formula? (refer to Table 15.2)4. What explanation might there be for differences in body fat calculation?5. Explain the theory behind Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis and what are factors that can affect the body fat value?6. When measuring heart rate, why might an individual use a certain time length over another one (i.e. 15 sec vs. 60 sec). Which value would be the most accurate and why?7. What value is considered a normal blood pressure? What is the classification of your client?