Antisocial Personality Disorder essay

You can use any disorder ( My field is forensic psychology)

Name of this disorder

Symptoms of this disorder.

Number of people or percentage of the population diagnosed with this disorder each year

Suspected causes of this disorder.

Write a paragraph for each of the four major schools of psychotherapy (Psychodynamic, Humanistic, Behavioral, and Cognitive). How would each of these different schools of thought approach the treatment of this disorder?

Which therapeutic approach do you think is best for this problem? Why?

What kind of resistance would you expect in treating this kind of problem?

How might the Prochaska Model of Change assist with your treatment efforts? What motivational interviewing strategies might be applied to the treatment of this disorder? Explain.

How might manualized approaches to therapy help or hinder your treatment efforts? Explain.

Discuss any dual diagnosis issues that are likely with this diagnosis. Please include at least one source external to the text to support your conclusions regarding possible dual diagnosis.