Apple Commercial Analysis

Please watch this commercial and write a analysis about it.Make sure your answer all of question below. (At least 1000 words)

  • What is the commercial about?
  • Are the characters credible? Who are they and what is it about the characters that make them credible (or not)? For example, if one of the characters in a commercial is wearing glasses, does that make the character seem more intelligent? Is the character hip or square? Why do you think these elements were introduced?
  • Who is the target market? Where would this commercial or advertisement be shown or placed (on what television channels or in what magazines)?
  • What persuasive techniques are used? Do they work for you?
  • What learning or memory techniques are used? Do they work for you?
  • What is the expected consumer behavior? In other words, how are consumer expected to react? What decision making is desired (cognitive, habitual, and/or affective)?
  • What cultural influences are anticipated? These might include cultural values, reality engineering, cultural stories, sacred or profane consumption, and/or global cultures.
  • How is consumer and social well-being affected? This might include satisfaction, addictive consumption, or consumed consumers (the “dark side” of consumption).
  • What perception-related elements take place? Visual, sound, touch, etc. What stages of perception take place?
  • What components of “self” occur? This includes fantasy, self-concept, symbolic interaction, personality, brand identification, body image, etc.
  • Are attitudes involved? How are they expressed?
  • What components of consumer identify are expressed? This includes gender identify, ethnic and racial subculture, religious subculture, and age.
  • What components of social class are expressed? This includes income, class, status and social capital, and lifestyle identify.
  • What other components are expressed? This might include word-of-mouth communication, opinion leadership, innovation adoption, exclusivity, etc.
  • What other observations can you include? What have others said about this commercial?
  • Does it work for you? For others? Why or why not? What might you do differently if you were the director or marketing consultant for the product?
  • You can conclude by asking fellow students in the class for additional observations, comments, or questions.