Apple Company, business and finance homework help

Module I:

1. Introduction: What does the company do? How did it get started? How does it add value? Who are the customers for which it competes? What risks does the company face? What kind of business is it – does it primarily produce goods or services? In what industry does it operate? What is it known for? Include the company’s sales data, the location of their headquarters. Be sure that your opening paragraph engages the reader from the outset!

2. History: Write one paragraph that provides pertinent historical information about the company.

3. Mission, Vision, & Values: Provide your chosen company’s stated mission statement in their own words. If your company has a stated vision statement then provide it verbatim; otherwise use your own words to explain their vision based on your research.

4. Mission Statement Analysis: Does your company’s mission statement align with the textbook’s definition of a good mission statement? Why or why not? Is it just vague “puffery”? Is it just a bunch of buzzwords? Does it actually do a good job of explaining why the company exists? Page 3 (Rev.:01-31-2017)

5. News & Current Events: Identify and briefly summarize two articles that cover current issues or news that are affecting your company.

6. Stock Chart: Include a five year stock chart of your company.

and i added a picture of the textbook’s definition of a good mission statement for step 4.