Apple Responds


In the past decade, Apple has become one of the most successful companies in the world, in part by mastering global manufacturing in its supply chain network. The high profile and market leadership that accompanies their success make them a prime target for attention and scrutiny. Recently, Apple’s reputation has been put to the test due to negative press regarding alleged unethical working conditions and treatment of employees at its manufacturing plants in China.

In this discussion, you’ll research how Apple has responded to the allegations by exploring their “Supplier Responsibility” website and assessing the policies they have put in place to manage ethical risks in their supply chain.


For this discussion, explore the website below, compose your response to the questions, and post your response to the discussion forum, “Apple Responds.”

  • Review Apple’s “Supplier Responsibility” website
  • Respond to the following questions in one initial posting:
    • Is Apple sufficiently addressing the ethical risks that were recently discovered in its supply chain? Explain your position.
    • What other steps can Apple take to ensure that its supply chain members use ethical business practices?