Application Development Methods discussion

roup Discussion

Hi this my group project……. I work section 1

The name me and my group pick is Unidine Developer’s

Section 1 – Overview of Company and Business Case

  • Your group’s company name and profile
  • Client Case Overview
  • Client Application Solution

Section 1 – Overview of Company and Client Business Case

As a group, hold a discussion and make a decision on a business case that will require the development and deployment of an IT Network System Application for any organization. As an idea, the Business Case could be but not limited to:

  • The development of a custom accounting application for an accounting firm
  • The development of a Customer Service Application for a store
  • Student Information System for a small university
  • Or any other similar solution requirements

As a group determine the following:

  • Create a name for your company and a profile for your company
    • What is your company’s expertise?
    • Ensure that the expertise matches the skill sets required for the business case you have chosen
  • Client Case Overview
    • What client business case did you choose and why?
    • How does your company expertise match your client’s needs?
  • Client Application Solution
    • Based on the case you have chosen, what do you believe is the application solution? Why?