Application: Solicitation Strategies

Application: Solicitation StrategiesResource DevelopmentDUE SATURDAY 9PM NEW YORK TIME APA FORMAT 2-3 PAGES NOT INCLUDING TITLE PAGE AND REFERENCE PAGE BE SURE TO UTILIZE APA FORMAT THROUGH OUT INCLUDING IN-TEXT CITATIONS AND REF. PAGE. REFER TO THE HIGHLIGHTED SECTIONS OF THIS ASSIGNMENT PROMOTION TO GET FULL INSTRUCTIONS…ALL REQUIRED MATERIAL IS EITHER UPLOADED OR IS IN A LINK.Foundations, corporations, and government entities are important sources of funding for many nonprofit organizations. These sources are especially crucial to emerging organizations that have not had time to create relationships with individual donors or other organizations. The key to successfully soliciting foundations, corporations, and government entities is to gather information on each specific source. Each has specific instructions and requirements for how to apply for funding, which ultimately influences the solicitation strategies that nonprofit organizations use.To prepare for this assignment:Review Chapters 10 and 11 in the course text Fundraising Basics: A Complete Guide, and think about specific strategies for soliciting resources from foundations and corporations. Also consider the key steps in each strategy.Review Appendix 8-C in the course text Fundraising Basics: A Complete Guide, and pay particular attention to how grant proposals might be used to solicit resources from government entities. Also think about the steps for writing a grant proposal.Reflect on similarities and differences in strategies for soliciting resources from foundations, corporations, and government entities.The assignment (2–3 pages):Compare (similarities and differences) solicitation strategies for foundations, corporations, and government entities. In your assignment, briefly describe the strategies you are comparing and key steps in each.Explain at least two insights you gained about solicitation strategies based on your comparison.Use These Resources for In-text citation as well as any other you may come up withReadingsCourse Text: Fundraising Basics: A Complete GuideChapter 8, “Prospect Research,” including Appendix 8-CChapter 10, “Corporate Fundraising,” including AppendicesChapter 11, “Raising Money from Foundations,” including Appendices