Applying concepts of Communication, assignment help

Watch “Pretty Woman” and out of all these concepts of communication, please pick 3 communications concept below explain how that concept is observed in the movie.

abstraction A simplified or condensed version of an occurrence; a general idea or concept formed by extracting common features from specific examples

coalition Temporary group of people who agree to work together to achieve a shared goal

cognitive Relating to the mental processes of awareness, perception, reasoning, and judgment

communication The process by which ideas or information are shared among people

culture The characteristic attitudes, rules, and expected behaviors of a particular society

dyadic communication Communication between two people; a synonym for interpersonal communication

grammar Rules concerning the structure of a language and the functions of words in a sentence

interaction An activity and process in which you engage with other people

interpersonal communication The process of exchanging messages, usually between two people, to create and share meaning

intrapersonal communication Communication within yourself that occurs when you think, read, write, dream, or speak aloud when no one else is present

linguistic Pertaining to language

mass communication Mediated communication distributed to many people at the same time

mediated communication Communication in which someone or something intervenes and serves as a link between the parties in the communication process

nonverbal communication Communication that involves facial expressions, eye contact, body language, gestures, and other visual and vocal means of transmitting information

perception The process through which you use your senses to become aware of your surroundings

public communication Communication in which one person is the speaker and sends a message to a large group of people simultaneously

Sapir-Whorf hypothesis A linguistic theory that language influences or shapes the speaker’s ideas and views of the world

small-group communication Communication among three or more people who can interact face-to-face with all others in the group

symbolic Representation of something through the use of a symbol

symbols Words, pictures, sounds, marks, or objects used to represent particular ideas, objects, or qualities

syntax The manner in which words are arranged in a phrase or a sentence

verbal communication Communication using words

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