applying the decision process to the fact pattern set out in week three by applying the two remainin

Week 4 Learning Activities

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Learning Activity – Theme:Continue Learning the Decision Making Process

Continue applying the decision process to the fact pattern set out in week three by applying the two remaining steps

  • Frame the decision statement;
  • Determine the objectives;
  • Create alternatives and evaluate consequences, assess for risk, bias, uncertainty and linked decisions
  • Weight objectives and alternatives selecting the best alternative;
  • Implement and continuously reevaluate

Students will weigh the objectives and alternatives using a decision matrix. An example of a weighted decision matrix can be found in week 4 readings.Student may find creating an unweighted and a weight matrix will help in understanding how a matrix is created. By applying the weights, students are ranking (prioritizing) alternatives.Discuss the results and consider whether the best choice is the highest ranked alternative?If not, why is this so?

You are the vice-president of a growing candy company located in an area of town which is home to many Hindu and Muslim people. There are a growing number of local women being employed on the manufacturing floor of the business. Recently health and safety concerns have been raised by the company health and safety committee. They are asking the women wearing bangle bracelets, Sari’s, long veils or long covering clothes remove them and change into “safety attire” when entering the floor. The Hindu women do not want to remove their bangles as they are a mark of their marriage and the esteem to which their husbands hold them.The more bangles a women has, the greater the esteem!

The bangles however, can easily get caught in mixing machines causing injury to the wearer as evidenced by a recent accident. Veils and long clothing have similar problems with getting caught in the machines, as well as carrying dirt and food particles around the floor. In the case of clothing however, there are religious reasons for their being worn. You are concerned that any decision that you make will affect the morale of the employees and may even cause some to quit. In addition it may create problems with the community as well. Regardless health and safety concerns are critical to the business and the prospect of being shut down for health and safety reasons is out of the question. It is your decision to make.