Argue if the realist point of view is correct, management homework help

A 2000 word essay arguing on a realist point of view, can provide more information.

To what extent is security defined in terms of material power/maintaining the balance of power? How have these dynamics manifested themselves in a past or contemporary war, crisis or moment of international change? In your answer, having offered an introduction, please be sure to address the limits of alternative approaches and outline the essential components of a realist view. Having done so, you should then show empirically how realist assumptions offer insight into your chosen case. In your conclusion, very briefly (in a paragraph of less than 200 words) address implications for current international trends.

Possible realist theses (just to provide a sense of things):

  1. Britain was concerned with the rise of Germany, leading to the onset of World War I
  2. The Cold War was caused by a struggle between the Americans and the Russians over control of Europe
  3. World War II led Australia to switch its “great and powerful friend” from the UK to the US
  4. Nixon visited China in 1971 to join with Mao to balance against the Russians