argument for gun issue based on 2nd amendment

SUMMATIVE ESSAY: What Should It Look Like?

  1. Introduction : Include your plan for discussion along with a thesis statement that you will argue/support (3)
  2. Argument: Discuss topic, providing scholarly interpretation of topic.
    1. You can make pro/con arguments (2)
    2. Provide documented (citations& Works Cited) support for arguments (5)
    3. Include your own perspective to the scholarly interpretations (3)
  3. Conclude: Should be more than just a recap of your salient points.
    1. What were/are the implications of topic? (3)
    2. 3 pages (5)
  4. Writing mechanics (spelling, punctuation, verb tenses, capitalization, etc.) (5)
  5. Double-spaced (2)

Text book: 2nd amendment…